Saturday, October 30, 2010

I'm a big boy, Papa & Grandmama

My parents gave Jake a cute Halloween t-shirt and I commented on the phone to them that he was wearing his shirt with jeans and he looked like a big boy. They requested pictures to see for themselves, so I grabbed my camera as he was outside playing. These pics are for you, Papa and Grandmama. He started off in this hat, but decided he didn't like it... There were several elementary-aged children playing in a yard across the street and Jake was engrossed in watching them. He is always very enthralled with older kids, and I think probably envious of the way they play together and the different games they can play. Through his captivation with the kids, I was able to catch many of Jake's faces. He makes some crazy ones...
"Hey! What are they doing over there?"
"Wow! It looks so cool to be big!"
And lastly the pouty face..."Why don't they invite me over to play?"

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade

There was a Halloween parade and party in preschool today. Here's Jake just after getting all dressed up at home. He looks pretty happy in this pic, but trust me, he wasn't too happy to put on the costume. Fortunately, a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was all he needed as a bribe to wear it.

The kids paraded through the church sanctuary and the parents were able to sit in the back area to watch the parade and take pictures. The kids went class by class, and when they reached the front all the kids stopped together for a photo op. Here's a view of Jake's class.And here's a close-up. The ones sitting on the left are twins--boy and girl. They are absolutely adorable and were dressed as a cupcake and milk. I'm totally impressed the little boy was agreeable enough to wear the milk get-up. I guarantee Jake would have had none of that. And here they are as they marched away...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

All Together Great

This past weekend was truly an all-together great weekend. Kevin had the entire weekend off, which is rare during this time of year, so we enjoyed every minute of our family time together. We started things off Friday night with Leander Lions volleyball and football. Here are the boys at the football game...Leander High's baseball team hosted a craft fair on Saturday, and I LOVE craft fairs, so I talked the boys into going with me. We walked up to the school and saw this guy (or girl)...
There was also a miniature horse there. Jake wasn't so thrilled about , so this was our attempt to pet the horse. He was definitely more friendly with the donkey...maybe b/c there was a barrier b/t him and the donkey. After I got my craft fix, we headed to a park to picnic and play. This was Jake's first visit to a park after his accident, so he seemed even more excited to get to run and play. Happy boy...
He's definitely a climber. Here he's under Daddy's watchful eye...
This is a different view...
I forgot to add this picture in my last post. We ended our Saturday with a great birthday party. Here we are as we head out home. Jake is showing off his new Buzz Lightyear... I'm so thankful for our family and how it feels so great to spend time together. I definitely don't want to take these moments for granted.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whose party was it?

We went to a birthday party on Saturday for our 3-year-old friend, Owen. I was really excited about the party b/c it was at Kiddie Acres, a place we've never been, and that I thought Jake would love. Well, he LOVED it! I have to say he loved the evening so much, he probably thought we were there celebrating him rather than Owen. The first thing he chose to ride were these cars...I admit I was in a bit of a Mommy shock that my "baby" was riding such a big boy ride all by himself while I stood on the other side of the fence....can you believe it? He then insisted on playing miniature golf. Jake's version of mini golf was pretty chaotic and all over the place with his hands touching the ball more than the club, but he loved it all the same. Here's one of the rare moments that actually resembled golf...
After our round of golf, it was pinata time! Jake went straight for the balls. I think at this stage, he doesn't quite know the value of candy, but he definitely knows the value of a ball. That's Daddy's boy for you...
A birthday isn't complete without cake...The cake was great, but Jake was actually more interested in the lollipop he got from the pinata. He was in heaven with it, as was his friend, Will...
After the sugar high, we enjoyed a nice ride on the choo-choo train. For some reason Jake wouldn't stick his head up for the camera... Then it was off to the boats. This ride took either the #1 or #2 place for the night. Jake was smiling and laughing almost the entire ride. I think a big part of the fun was riding along side his buddies, Levi and Colt...
These airplanes were the other ride that fought for first place for the night. It was impossible for me to get a picture in motion, but he loved "flying" around. Again, he partnered up with Levi. It was really enjoyable for Kevin and I to see Jake interact with his friends and show genuine interest in spending time with them.
Now for the ride that almost sent me into Mommy overload. Jake rode this ride without an adult...
Two of his older (3-year-old) friends wanted to ride the ferris wheel, and Jake and Levi followed right along. I looked at Kevin and said,"Can he do this?" then I looked at Jake and thought, "Can you do this?" and then took a deep breath. It seemed a little scary to me, but to Jake it was all in a day of fun. It is definitely true peer pressure has a strong impact on kids, b/c I'm pretty sure neither Jake nor Levi would have stepped on the thing without the support of Colt and Abbie to lead the way. After several reminders from me to stay on their bottoms, they were off, and did great!
So, after lots of pizza, sugar, fun with friends, and rides galore, it was time to head home. Jake was sad to go; until we distracted him with his party favors for the car ride. What else does a boy need than a new book, fun star glasses, and Buzz Lightyear?
When is the next party, Mom?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Open House

Jake's preschool had an open house Wednesday night, and it was really great for us to see some of the fun things Jake has been working on. The night was especially nice because Kevin was able to come to Jake's school for the very first time, and Papa got to come along too so Jake had lots of love and support. Here's Daddy and Jake...
Papa and Jake...
Jake showing Daddy one of his craft projects that was proudly displayed...
And finally Jake's favorite part of the night; a visit to the special playground area for the younger kids at school.

A Scary Day

Last Tuesday night was a very rough night in the Lawson household. I'm usually extremely long-winded, but I'll do my best to make a long story shorter. Jake fell off a swing in our backyard and hit his forehead against the edge of our concrete porch resulting in a bad gash that gushed and gushed blood. I saw the whole thing happen before my eyes as I pushed him on the swing, something caught his eye, and he just let go and fell down right before me. I managed to stop the bleeding at home, we gave Jake a popscicle which immediately stopped his tears, grabbed an extra for the road and headed to Cedar Park ER b/c it was evident he would need stiches. I admit, I was a wreck during the time. I was feeling a lot of guilt and worry, and just kept praying for Jake to be OK. After some waiting, a CAT scan, and 5 stiches, we got home about 11 pm. The doctor told us that Jake also had a concussion, so we woke him up at 1 am to see if all seemed fine, and it did. Then another whirlwind hit at 3 am when he woke up vomiting. Ultimately, when the vomiting hadn't stopped, we were back in the car at 7:30 am to head to Dell Children's ER. Luckily, Jake checked out fine there, the children's radiologist agreed that his CAT scan looked good, some meds stopped his vomiting, and we left there around lunch time extremely exhausted and relieved. Apparently the vomiting was "normal" following the concussion.

Jake had his stiches out at the pediatrician's on Monday, so he now has quite the war wound right across his forehead. I'm faithfully applying Mederma on the scar 4 times a day in hopes that it doesn't turn out looking too bad. Luckily he's a boy and probably won't really care. Here's my tough, brave boy after the stiches came out.
My parents came in town for a visit this week, so Jake got some extra special love after his doctor's visit.
I had to add this pic to reassure myself and everyone that Jake is completely fine and healthy.
We are so thankful for the prayers and support of family and friends. We had meals delivered to us, offers to come to the house to help watch Jake, many texts, phone calls and e-mails all sharing love for us and Jake. We are blessed to be so loved. Jake even got special homemade cards delivered to us by our huddle kids. Jake loved the cards, and we hung them in his room to proudly display.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

22 months

Jake is 22-months old today. I managed to completely skip the blog to document him turning 21 months (probably b/c he was at my parents house), so I want to do some catch up and share some things I want to remember about Jake...

--He is a very good helper, seems to really enjoy helping, and does some very basic chores. He's usually really good about helping pick up toys, feeding Skylar, putting his milk back in the fridge, bringing his plate to the sink, or mimicking us while we're doing chores: like sweeping or yardwork. In this next pick, I had out a screwdriver in order to replace some batteries and he took hold of it to work on the screws on the door...--He loves storytime (I'm really happy to be out of the resisting storytime phase), but also likes 'reading' books to himself. When he's reading to himself, he flips through the pages while he talks, and talks, and talks. We still have no idea what he's saying when he's doing this, but I think he's making up his own stories. I sure can't wait to hear them. This pic shows him reading one of my social work books. It's super boring with no pictures, but he was still happy as can be flipping through it...--Lately, I've noticed him lining up or organizing things. Here is is lining up all his balls on top of his chest...He has also lined up all his cars before playing. I got my camera too late to show the line-up, but he had meticulously lined up about 8 cars in front of the door before proceeding to play with them.--Although he doesn't mind getting dirty or playing in the dirt and grass, he doesn't like stuff stuck on his hands. For example, when eating if there is food stuck on his hands, he will stop eating, then hold out his hand for us to wipe it off.

--He seems to have good attention to detail (like his Mommy!!!) Sometimes, we'll be playing in the house and he'll notice a speck of dirt on the ground, stop, pick it up and bring it to us. We tell him it's trash, so he'll go and throw it away in the trash can. Kevin has noticed this too and agrees he gets it from me.

--He's finally "parroting" us and repeats pretty much anything we ask. Some things he repeats are very clear and understandable, others are completely unrecognizable, but he's trying and I'm very proud!

--Although he mostly just sticks to single words when he talks, he does say a few phrases, "Oh, man!" "Where'd it go?" and "There it is."

--I think he current favorite word his "why." He asks us why a lot and at the appropriate times, even though I think he often doesn't really care about the answer.

--Preschool is going really well and he hasn't cried a single time when I've dropped him off.

--Every so often, he gets it in his mind that he wants a popsicle. We have just a few left in the freezer from summertime, but he definitely knows they are there. He will walk to the fridge and pull on the freezer handle (he can't open it on his own), saying, "please." Sometimes it's an OK time for a popsicle so I say yes, sometimes it's not an OK time for a popsicle and I say no; this unfortunately leads to a fit.

--I'm happy to say he's a pretty good eater, but sometimes he will completely overstuff his mouth. We have to really watch him while he's eating things he likes because he doesn't always take appropriate-sized bites, or he'll put many bites in his mouth all at once. I wonder if this is a boy thing?

--He loves taking Skylar on walks; meaning he likes to hold the leash and walk Skylar around our neighborhood. This obsession of his is both cute and frustrating for me b/c I like taking walks and it used to be easy to put Jake in the stroller, Skylar on the leash, and leave for a nice brisk walk. Now, Jake refuses to get in the stroller b/c he wants to be walking which makes for a VERY LONG and SLOW walk. I'm proud he is showing love and responsbility for Skylar, but I'm trying to figure out how I can still get in a little exercise.

--His favorite things to play are football, baseball, or pillow jumping. These games are played as follows:

--We play baseball outside and Jake insists on being pitcher, but also the base runner. We've tried again and again to show him that the batter runs while the pitcher or outfield can tag him, but he does not care, so he throws the ball to the batter, then he runs around the yard.

--Football is played inside. We have a soft UT football that he will get out at least once a day. This game starts off by all the players (Jake, Mommy, and/or Daddy) leaning over in the ......position (Jake with the ball) and saying,"Down, Set, Hut!" Jake usually only says, "Down...Hut", but is capable of saying all 3 words. Immediately after "hut," we all stand up and Jake immediately throws the ball to one of us. Then we run around the house and the "play" usually ends by Jake falling into his Mickey Mouse Chair or one of us tackling him to the ground. Then Jake gets the ball back and we repeat.

--Pillow jumping is usually played only by Jake and Daddy--it's definitely not a game I would have invented, although Jake LOVES it. It starts with a very ritualistic way of gathering pillows throughout the house. Kevin and Jake will go and get pillows one-by-one and gather them into a big pile in the living room. This gathering is done with a specific march and chant: which is pretty hilarious to watch. Once the pillows are all gathered in a pile, Jake runs and falls into them. He's also started getting onto the couch and jumping down on them.

--His favorite toys seem to be something that remains pretty constant. He loves balls, musical instruments and cars. He got a Handy Manny singing tool set and miniature Woody figure from my parents recently that also seem to be new favs.

--At meals we hold hands for our prayer together, so when we say, "let's pray," Jake immediately reaches out both hands for each of us. Even when it's just me and him during the day, he still reaches out with both hands.

--I think the last time I posted a long list of this nature, our biggest struggles were both food and fit throwing. I'm happy to report the food throwing is gone, but unfortunately the fit throwing has intensified. Jake is capable of throwing fits when he doesn't get what he wants at all or even if it's not fast enough. This is VERY challenging for us, but we're all doing our best to figure out what to do to make life more consistent and less frustrating.

--Overall, Jake is a very joyful, silly, and energetic little boy. I am truly thankful to God for the blessing he is in our lives.