Tuesday, February 25, 2014

9 months

Luke turned 9 months back on January 13. Some highlights of his 9th month:
*He pulled up all by himself the first time January 2, on Jake's birthday
*We're finally seeing the evidence of his first tooth just below the surface, although it hasn't popped up yet.
*He weighed 20 lbs 9 oz at his 9 month well check, but the week before he weighed 20 lbs 14 oz, so I didn't feel like it was a good representation of my sweet boy
*Sadly, a stomach bug went through our entire family this month, starting with Luke.  It made for a rough week for the Lawson household.  Luke had been doing great eating, but the bug completely threw us off and he was temporarily back to a breastmilk-only diet.  This unfortunately, is why he lost some weight right before his check-up and why we had a rough end to his 9th month.
*Fortunately, by the time he officially turned 9 months, everyone was well again so we were starting to get back on track to being a happy, healthy, chubby boy.