Saturday, September 13, 2008

Here goes nothing.....

OK, so I'm going to give this a try. Luckily, I have a wonderful sister-in-law who got me jump started on blogging, and I'm now set up with a super cute page. Because I'm a little resistant, you may find my posts to be irregular, but I'll do my best.

Well, as Cassy said, we are having a boy!!! His name is going to be.....JACOB "JAKE" EVAN LAWSON. Kevin and I had this name decided before we even started trying to have a family. It's something that holds a special place in our heart, because our son will be named after his great-grandfathers. Kevin's paternal grandfather went by Jake, so that is what our little boy will go by, and my maternal grandfather's middle name was Evan. Both these men were faithful to God and their families. We love them dearly, respect them, and pray our Jake will possess some of their amazing qualities.

Now time for some pictures...I don't have a new belly pic yet, but I'll try to get that soon. Instead, here is Jake's room making the transition from little girl to little boy.

We also have the bedding. We are doing a western/cowboy/Texas theme.

Lastly, I have to show-off my newly one-year-old nephew, Cohen. Cohen turned 1 on September 1st, so Kevin and I spent some time with family celebrating the occassion. He is so adorable, and I can't believe he is now walking around like a big boy.

Before cake.... (isn't that a super cute cake?!?)
After cake....