Monday, March 21, 2016

Birthday Mavs game

Jake's first request for his birthday was a basketball party where he could actually play basketball.  In our attempt to honor the request, we looked into a local church who rents our their gym for parties.  Unfortunately, it didn't end up working out, and we didn't fully realize it until weeks after his we opted for what we hoped was the next best thing and offered to take Jake and two friends to a Mavs game!  He was thrilled, and here's a pic of Cohen, Jake and Cade before the game... 
Here's a shirtless Luke photo bomb...
Dad and son basketball fans ready!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Fire pit time

The weather has been so mild and so perfect for outdoor activities.  One wonderful blessing of our new home is a bigger backyard than our previous home.  The boys love to go outside and play.  One nice warm evening, we ate dinner outside then decided to pull out the fire pit for the first time since the move.  I only had mini marshmallows on hand so we roasted them up and enjoyed a beautiful evening outside.

New Rug

We got a new rug from my parents for Christmas which I was super excited about, but I didn't think anyone else would care too much about.  Well, I was wrong.  Luke LOVED the new rug!  He laid on it, made rug angels, kept petting it and playing on it.  It was pretty disappointing to him for us to put the furniture back on it because I think he thought it was his new play mat.

Fantastic Falcon!

 Jake's school focuses on a different character trait each 6 weeks, and at the end of each 6 weeks, one student from each class is recognized for exhibiting that trait well.  I love this idea!  I love the focus on being a good person who exhibits well rounded traits rather than just academic success.  I was so proud to learn that Jake was chosen for this last 6 weeks to receive the Fantastic Falcon award for DETERMINATION.  This particular 6 weeks, it was not only the teacher's decision, but also a  choice made by class vote, so Jake was chosen by his classmates and teacher for exhibiting determination.  Here he is hugging his teacher..
Here is our Determined Fantastic Falcon...