Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Celebrating Papa

My Dad celebrated his 70th birthday in October and we were fortunate to get to celebrate with him.  Jake had the day off school on his birthday so we had a lot of fun at Main Event.   Here's a couple of boys who definitely love their Papa!  We love you, Papa!!  Hope we helped you celebrate a wonderful birthday! 

Pumpkin Carving

This year we carved one pumpkin as always which was completely Jake's design, and we added a new pumpkin friend to the mix.  Here is our friendly pumpkin bat... 
 Getting the pumpkin ready...
 Front porch ready!

Pumpkin Patch

 We started a tradition a couple years ago of heading to Sweet Berry Farm for their Pumpkin Patch festivities.  Kevin takes the day off work and we enjoy a fun family day before the busy basketball season hits.  This year, we didn't let kindergarten stop us.  We got Jake out of school a little early, then headed to Marble Falls.  It was a beautiful warm day and we all had a great time...

Here are the boys on the hayride.  Luke wasn't so sure at first, but then he calmed down and got the hang of it.  I don't think he liked the sound of the loud tractor.

 Hands down, Luke's favorite part was the goats.  He LOVED them.  He first started calling them, "Taco" (like our friend, Taco, the dog), but soon we had him saying, "goat."  He was not afraid at all and loved feeding them. 

 Jake and I picked flowers there for the first time, and he put together a beautiful bouquet...

 Our day in Marble Falls wouldn't be complete without a meal at Bluebonnet Cafe followed by some delicous pie.  Both boys were big fans!

Monday, November 3, 2014


 A few weeks ago, we got a special visit from Channing and Campbell.  Jake and Luke loved having them around!  I took lots of pictures that didn't turn out so great, but there was one picture that turned out awesome.  Here they are stirring the cookie dough for our special Halloween cookies!

Boys and Dirt

 A few months ago, our electric company told us they were going to have to remove some bushes from our yard to do proper maintenance.  We were definitely surprised and disappointed because the bushes were nice, big thriving in our front yard.  Sadly, we lost the bushes, but the boys have found a new place to play in the dirt!