Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day

Jake had a great first day of 3-year-old preschool this Tuesday.  We started a tradition last year where we go shopping the day before school and Jake picks out something to wear for the first day and something special to go in his lunch.  This year, he picked out these awesome shorts.  He loved them so much that the very first thing he wanted to do when he woke up was get dressed which is very unusual.  Usually Jake will stay in his pjs for a while, but not this day!
My favorite pic...cutie!
Of course, first day pics aren't complete without pics in front of the school...

and with his teacher, Ms. Dana...
As soon as I picked him up and asked him about his day, he began telling me about a new friend.  He couldn't remember his name, but we figured out it was Nicholas.  During the car ride home, he told me he and Nicholas played on the scooters and were policemen.  He also said they "talked a lot."  When I asked about what, he replied, "about our boo-boos."  He then continued to tell me how Nicholas got a boo-boo riding his bike, then how he shared with him how he got his boo-boo on his knee.  I'll admit, I was completely shocked and impressed.  This was much more of a conversation than I ever imagined him having with another 3-year-old little boy, and what a manly conversation it was.  Way to go, Jake!

One last first day story: Jake picked out football shaped Oreos as his treat for his lunch.  I asked him how lunch was and how he liked his cookie.  His reply was, "It feel on the floor, but it was still yummy!"  Glad it liked it, dirt and all!

One more thing....Jake specifically requested "spikey hair," so his first day look was all his from head to toe.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Those last summer days

It's officially September which marks the end of summer and the beginning of school.  If you look at the thermostat, though, there's no sign of fall temperatures yet, so we're still enjoying some fun summer activities.  The other afternoon it was sandbox time.  This next pic of him looking away is my absolute favorite.  What a cutie!

Got to have a close-up...
After you play in the sand, it's always necessary to wash the sand off before coming inside.  The fun of having a fenced back yard, with our beautiful newly planted grass is that Jake could strip down to nothing and rinse off in the sprinklers.  I didn't get any pictures of his water fun, but I'll just say Jake LOVED his short-lived chance running around naked in the sprinklers.  Kevin came home from work just as we had turned on the sprinklers and he was definitely surprised!  Mommy can still throw in a surprise every now and then!

Go Rangers!

We got to enjoy an extra special treat in honor of Cohen's 5th birthday---a Rangers game!  Jake was soooo excited to spend time with Cohen and see the Rangers.  It very easily could have been his birthday he was so happy.  Despite a 1 1/2 hour rain delay, we enjoyed a great ball game together.  Here are the boys before we left the house:
Jake and Cohen's silly faces
The cutest Rangers fans ever!

 Here they are walking up to the Ballpark...
A salute to Nolan Ryan...
Then the rain began...
We sought shelter and helped the time pass with some yummy ice cream cones!
Here are the boys just after the rain delay.  They are almost ready to start play again, but you can tell the boys are a little less than happy to have been waiting.  They are ready to play ball!!
All that waiting and those forlorn faces didn't last, though.  The Rangers soon hit a home run!  Wait, not just one, but two!  Here are the boys shouting with delight...
Here's a cute posed pic...
The 9th inning came and the Rangers were still behind, so it was time to rally them to victory.  We turned our hats inside out and cheered them on!
Look at these awesome fans and their rally hats!  It wasn't quite enough to pull them to victory, but it was a great game win or lose!  Thanks Chad, Cassy, and Cohen for a wonderful day at the Ballpark!