Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Jake just finished his first week of kindergarten!!!!  This week could not possibly have gone any better.  I'm so thankful we've had such a good start, and my prayers are for more weeks to come as wonderful as this one.  I took a lot of pics from the first day, so here they are along with things I want to remember about his first week...
*When I picked him up the first day, I asked, "How was your day?"  Jake answered, "It was good."  I replied, "What was good about it?" and he said, "Pretty much all of it!"
*I have not had to wake Jake up one single time.  He is up and in our room ready to go b/t 6 and 6:30.  He has also been dressed from head to toe every morning without me having to ask.
*After his first day, a note from the teacher told us to ask our kids what Pete the Cat says.  I asked Jake and he promptly replied, "Goodness No!"  He also sang a song and re-told a story from a Pete the Cat book they read.  It told the story of the cat stepping in different things: strawberries, bluberries, water, dirt, then singing, "I love my (red/blue/wet/brown) shoes.  I love my (red/blue/wet/brown)shoes."  Jake loved this song.
Unfortunately, this came out blurry, but here is Jake's teacher, Mrs. Haug...
*Jake's special for the 2nd day was PE, so I asked him to tell me about PE.  His answer was , "I'm in shape now!"
* Thursday night, Jake asked for the crayons and scissors.  He then began working on a project.  He drew a turtle, then cut it out and told us it was a gift for Mrs. Haug.  I was so proud of his thoughtfulness all on his own!
*Jake LOVES the cafeteria.  After the first day of school, he was already ready to buy his lunch.  I was nervous about it, so I made his lunch the 2nd day again, and again he begged to buy his lunch.  So, on Wednesday, we gave him money to buy his lunch.  When I picked him up, I asked how lunch was and he said, "Good! It was free!"  After asking a few more questions, it seems Jake felt a little rushed to get out his money, and the kids are able to debit their account by just telling their name.  We continue to reinforce the fact that Mommy and Daddy do pay for lunch b/c he's still convinced everything in the cafeteria is free.
*After the first day of school, Jake told us he played with a new friend, but didn't know his name.  By the 3rd day of school, he was playing with the same friend and knew his name is Tanner.  By the 5th day of school, he talked about another friend and knew his name is Caleb.
*Jake has been sitting at a table with all girls.
*I expected Jake to be really tired in the afternoon/evenings after school.  He surprisingly still seems full of energy and has been happy to come home and play with me and Luke. 
*He's had a Chobani Lime Greek yogurt every day once he gets home.  Then Friday, he asked me if I could buy more lemon yogurt for his snacks next week too.
*Out of Jake and Luke, I actually think Luke was way more tired after the first full week of school.  The Saturday morning after the first week, Jake woke up at 6:30 and Luke slept til 8:45.  Kindergarten can wear a little brother out!

*Since learning about being in the turtle class, Jake has been ALL about turtles.  He already had a turtle pillow pet that has now become his favorite sleeping companion.  He is also drawing turtles all the time.  Here is a sample of some of his turtle art...