Sunday, October 26, 2008

28 weeks...

So, I warned you I wouldn't be very good at keeping this updated, but here's a little something to keep you tuned in. Here are a couple pics to show how big both Jake and I are growing. I was actually 28 weeks on October 16. The first pic is taken in my office at school. Behind me is a quilt from the first year CIS was at Tippit (the first year I was there too). All the students who were involved with CIS decorated a square, then they are tied together with ribbon. I certainly can't sew a quilt, so I went the easy way and ordered the blank fabric squares from Oriental Trading. I'm sporting my very cool Tippit Middle School faculty shirt--don't be jealous! ;-) If you look really closely, you can also see my bully belly showing through the shirt.

Overall, the pregnancy is going well; that is until a little bump we had this weekend. Without getting into details, I'll begin by saying both Jake and I are perfectly fine. Kevin and I left Friday afternoon in an effort to see both our families: Friday night in Aledo and Saturday night in Gainesville. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and I spent 9:00 AM-2 PM Saturday in Harris Hospital's Maternity Observation. After having some bleeding in the night, I called my doctor Saturday morning and she recommended going to the hospital to make sure things were OK. Once there, they hooked me up to a monitor to check Jake's heartbeat. I was having some contractions, so I was given a shot and a bag of fluid so they would stop. The doctor said he couldn't be sure what caused the problems, but I left with no contractions, no bleeding, and the orders to take it easy for the next couple days.
The past week has been very busy for us b/c we had classes at the hospital Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. With that going on, the normal stressors at work, combined with the packing and preparation for our trip, I think my body told me to "Stop!" Anyhow, it looks like we are finished travelling, and I'm going to be very mindful to not take on more than is really necessary. I'm thankful God continues to look out for Jake, and I know Jake is in His hands.