Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We have had a very busy past couple weeks with many "firsts." We returned Sunday night from a week long vacation to San Francisco and Carmel/Monterey, California with my parents. The trip was great, and Jake did a great job. I have tons of pictures, but will have to get to those when I have a little more time and energy. Jake did great adjusting to California and being a traveling man, but he's having a little harder time adjusting back to Texas time, so we're all a little tired around here, but overall, things are good. Nana is here keeping Jake while Kevin and I are working, so it's nice to have some extra help as we adjust back to regular life.

Jake had his first rice cereal today. I have never seen a baby eat his first spoon feeding, so I have no expertise, but he seemed to do pretty good. Because the cereal is so thin at first, it seemed much like eating breastmilk with a spoon, but I guess it's all about "baby" steps ;-)

All finished....I think some did manage to make it in his tummy.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a little something....

Here's just a little something to get your Jake fix. Our Internet has been down for the past few days and we're leaving tomorrow to be gone for a week to California, so here's some cute pics to leave you with while we're gone. He REALLY likes to stick his tongue out.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 months

Jake is 5 months old today. Here are his birthday pics. He's liked putting weight on his legs and "standing" up while we hold him since he was little bitty. Here he is standing on his own (well, with the support of the couch and Dad's hand close by).